Fishing Gear and Equipment

Professional tools for serious fishermen

East Cape Lostman Skiff

A true skinny water specialist. 2007 18′ East Cape Lostmen powered by an Evinrude 60. This is a technical poling skiff with room for one or two anglers while your captain is on the rear platform poling quietly in inches of water to sneak up on backing redfish during low tide or tailing redfish on the Floodtides.

Fly Fishing Gear

All equipment will be provided by your captain unless you would like to bring your own. All the equipment provided will be top of the line providing the highest quality of performance. Rods include Scott Fly Rods, Sage, and GLoomis. Reels are Tibor and Abels. Fly lines are AirFlo. All flies are custom tied by either myself or local master tiers.

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