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North East Florida Diversity

Our Fishery

One of the great things about fishing in North East Florida is the diversity on how to target our inshore species, and each way has its uniqueness. We have a year-round world-class fishery, but we might have to change our approach according to the season. You owe it to yourself to experience this incredible fishing. This trip is a bucket list trip for many fly anglers!

The Low Tide

The start of Spring through Fall, Redfish are the most aggressive and will get in the skinniest of water to chase shrimp and small bait fish. It is not uncommon to be in 6 inches of water and see a Redfish with his back and eyes completely out of the water. This makes sight fishing the ultimate experience. When Redfish are crashing bait against the exposed mud banks I have had clients explain it as sounding like someone dropping a cinder block into the water….it’s that explosive! Nothing gets my heart going faster! Let me pole you around the twisty creeks during low tide in the backcountry of NE Florida because you never know what is around the next bend.

The Flood Tide

Flood tide fishing is a unique opportunity for fly anglers in NE Florida due to the ‘stars lining up’ in late Summer through Fall, where we experience extraordinary high tides that flood the spartina grass that is normally dry in other parts of the year. Redfish take advantage of the ‘new’ water to forage themselves on fiddler crabs. During your charter, we will have a period of time where I will pole you through the grass, literally hunting tailing fish in some of the most majestic grass flats in the world. With a properly placed fly, there is a likely hood that the redfish will crush it!

The Dock Lights

As Spring comes, so does the shrimp run and that means one thing. Dock Lights! As the sunsets and the lights on the many docks on the waterway turn on, shrimp and small baitfish are attracted. It is is a buffet for many game fish, including the Speckle Trout. I will use my state of the art trolling motor to ease you into position to cast into ‘the feeding zone.’ Many times we can see the Trout on top of the water facing into the current, waiting for a shrimp to pass by for an easy meal. Fishing at night is a great way to avoid boat traffic, heat, and wind while still having the ability to sight fish. It is also an excellent opportunity to scale down your gear to truly enjoy the tug but beware; sometimes we run into big Bull Reds and even trophy Trout that will give you a run for your money!

Avoid the heat and the hustle and bustle of the day-life and let’s fish at night!

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